10 Interesting Products Made out of Bamboo

When people thing of bamboo, they generally think of bamboo trees or bamboo sticks that have broken off from the trees. Most people don’t know how many products are made with bamboo. Below are ten interesting products that are made out of bamboo.

1. Umbrellas

Having the handle of an umbrella made out of bamboo may not seem so crazy, but many umbrellas are made entirely out of bamboo. Stationary bamboo umbrellas will have the entire rod made of bamboo and the top part as well. The top part of the umbrella will be layers upon layers of thin bamboo. These umbrellas are not usually used for rain, they are used for protection and shade against the sun.

2. Deodorant

It is not uncommon for an all natural type of deodorant to be made with bamboo. Some fragrances even advertise the unique, fresh smell of their product that comes from the bamboo used to create it.

3. Hard Alcohol

No, you are not going to find shards of bamboo in your glass the next time you go to a bar. However, that does not mean that you are not drinking something made from bamboo. Bamboo leaves are used in some alcohols. Baijiu is one of the most popular types of alcohol that are made with bamboo leaves.

4. Beer

If you have ever drank a green beer, you may have drank a bamboo beer. Companies used to use food coloring to dye their beers green for either regular use or a special event like St. Patrick’s Day. Now, beer brewers will just brew their beer with bamboo to give it a natural green color.

5. Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo floors are some of the hardest floors in the world. They are strong, dense, and come in a variety of styles. A floor composed of bamboo will prove to be much more durable than a regular wood floor. The Bamboo Flooring Company offers several beautiful styles and colors.

6. Beehives

The practice of using bamboo for beehives is heavily used in Latin America and other places around the world. The beehives give bees a great place to live and breed. The honey that is created in the bamboo beehives serves many purposes including treating eye infections and eating.

7. Record Player Needles

Some of the younger readers have probably never used or maybe never even seen a record player in person before. Many others of you probably had one growing up and may have even had one with a bamboo needle in it.

8. Bamboo Roofing

Bamboo roofing can be a very stylish and sturdy addition to any home. In the United States, bamboo is often used for roofing on gazebos, porches, decks, and other areas that are not enclosed in the house.

9. Clothing

If you look in your closet, you probably have some clothing that was made with bamboo. Bamboo can easily be made in fibers that are perfect for making clothes with. Bamboo is not usually the majority of the material in a clothing item. Most clothes made with bamboo are composed of a maximum 20 percent of bamboo fibers.

10. Wind Turbines

Wind turbines are being made more than ever nowadays in an effort to save the environment. Many of the wind turbines use bamboo to make the blades that spin around in the turbine.


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