‘Bike Guide’ City Sightseeing Concept

The ‘Bike Guide’ concept creates a tour bus that’s a far more active experience. Rather than simply park in front of something interesting, this conceptual bus releases all of the riders on their own bikes, leaving them to explore at will.

The ‘Bike Guide’ bus is solar powered — not driven by the attached vehicles Flintstones-style — and features a handy screen that will give you information about the touristy world around you, a lot like the pop-down screen you’d find on an airplane. All the bikes have their own screens, too, which will help you find interesting things to see, and warn you when it’s time to head back to the bus.

The concept was designed by Kukil Han, Daehyun Kim, Bojoong Kim, and Jihwan Yun as a new way to experience the city.

The ‘Bike Guide’ concept bus invites tourists to check in at kiosks around town, which tell them how long before an open seat will come their way. Before the bus drops you off, the built-in LED screens regale you with stories and information about your next location. When the tour comes to a full and complete stop, the mechanisms that lock your bike-seat in place release, allowing all passengers to ride around the location freely. While you are riding, another small LED screen built into the handle bars gives you tid-bits of information along the way. Someone please make this transportation concept a reality – it would make touring a city or countryside much more enjoyable and green!

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