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Transform How You Use Water at Home in 5 Easy Steps


Water is everywhere, but as water resources become harder to come by in some communities and more expensive nearly everywhere, people are searching for ways to cut back. The modern world brings us a multitude of ways to waste water, but some simple changes can reduce the amount you consume, making your water bill decrease and your environmental impact smaller. This article will show you 5 easy ways to reduce your water use at home from the team at The Mat Factory, an online store specialising in design mats for the bathroom and other areas of the home. Continue Reading →

‘Growing City’ — A Documentary by Nick Sugihara

‘Growing City’ is a Kickstarter project by Nick Sugihara that aims to explore the potential of urban farming to change the way people think about food in Tokyo.

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Here’s Why Your Company Needs a Waste Management Policy


From time immemorial, human beings have, for the most part, had special arrangements in place for disposal of waste. This means waste management is not a new practice being forced on households and businesses by the government today. It became imperative for government to step in with force as industrialisation and urbanisation led to serious waste generation issues. In case you are still wondering why, here are some reasons why your company needs a waste management policy. Continue Reading →

The Cost of Going Green Globally



Look At the Latest Green Office Design Trends For 2013


Being green and environmentally conscious doesn’t need to be difficult in the modern world in which we live. Gone are the days when the human race lived frivolously and care-free. With daily reminders in the news and ubiquitous reports on the global effects of greenhouse gases, we now live in a much more knowledgeable and environmentally aware era. Continue Reading →

Should England roll out a carrier bag charge?

Plastic Bag

If you live in or have visited Wales in the past 12 months, you’re guaranteed to have been subject to the country’s carrier bag charge at the till. For those not aware, the scheme demands retailers of all sizes charge customers at least 5p for a single-use disposable bag to place their purchases in. With the initiative designed to minimise the environmental impact of carrier bags, there is now a debate whether similar regulations ought to be introduced across England (although certain retailers, such as WH Smith, currently choose to charge for carrier bags in their stores). Continue Reading →