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Empower the World’s Poorest Children Through Education!

Back in 2005, The New York Times called it “The laptop that will save the world”. In early 2012, this durable, new super-low cost tablet, the XO-3, will debut with a promised price-point of $75 for the nonprofit called One Laptop Per Child.

“A child can do anything to this software and never break it,” explains Walter Bender, a co-founder of OLPC and a former director of the MIT Media Lab that created Sugar, the XO’s user interface. “Why? When you make mistakes you’re learning. When you don’t, you’re being incremental. Yet if penalty is high for making mistakes, you stop taking risks, you stop learning. We try to give kids a safe place to do trial and error, to go out there and do it in a way they can’t screw up.” Continue Reading →

Stickers Turn Cardboard Trash Into Playtime Treasure

Box Play for Kids’ range of stickers help children creatively convert carboard packaging into a variety of objects and animals ready for play.

Even in today’s world where children are being treated to their own range of tablet computers, it’s still the case that many are quite content to while away their hours playing with simple cardboard boxes. With that in mind, Arizona-based Box Play for Kids now offer a range of whimsical stickers designed to jump-start kids’ imagination when playing with cardboard. Continue Reading →

The Educational and Play Benefits of Wooden Toys

Today, wooden toys come in a wide selection of modern, classic and traditional wooden toys for children of all ages.

Wooden toys are not only eco-friendly but they are built to last and are often passed down from generation to generation which makes them great value for money compared to the more modern toys children have become accustomed to.

Traditional wooden toys never really go out of fashion. Giving these toys and games to children can have a lot of educational and fun benefits.

Despite all the new toys that appear in the sector every year, traditional wooden toys remain high on many parental wish-lists. New toys and games may come in brightly colored plastics and may be built using sophisticated technologies but there still seems to be a place for wood toys in the hearts of most children. These kinds of classic toys and games are often considered to have educational as well as play benefits. Continue Reading →

Brooklyn Children’s Museum Unveils Plans for New Eco-Friendly Rooftop Canopy

Rafael Vinoly Architects‘ expansion of the Brooklyn Children’s Museum, located at the intersection of Brooklyn Avenue and St. Marks Avenue in Crown Heights, has been certified LEED Silver, making it New York City’s first LEED-certified museum. With this recognition and its LEED Silver certification, RVA’s design for the Brooklyn Children’s Museum has proven to be both environmentally sound and enriching to its outlying community. Continue Reading →

Harry Barker Bamboo Bowls

Harry Barker was born from the belief that pets are part of our families and that they deserve the best the world has to offer.”

Their designer ‘Bamboo Bowls’ are made for eco-friendly people and their friends. Made from bamboo fiber and rice husk, these bowls are lead and cadmium free, RoHS Compliant, FDA Approved, SGS Certified.

“Harry Barker’s partner factories are ISO certified. ISO standards help ensure that products are safe, reliable eco-friendly, and of a consistently high quality. “

Pick out your favorite color in 12- or 24-ounce sizes at Harry Barker.

Handmade Wooden Bikes for Kids

Australian design company taiKa lovingly crafts their ‘The Grizzly’ bike without the help of machinery or a production line.

“As such, you may come across some lovemarks. They are signs that we are human, after all. Think of ‘The Grizzly’ as something a friend or relative may have made for you in their home workshop. Consider that it was made with good will and a lot of time and effort. Then have a helluva lot of fun. And don’t worry if you give it a few lovemarks too. It adds character, which is never out of place.” Continue Reading →