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‘Growing City’ — A Documentary by Nick Sugihara

‘Growing City’ is a Kickstarter project by Nick Sugihara that aims to explore the potential of urban farming to change the way people think about food in Tokyo.

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Sunglasses Made from Skateboards

American company proof uses 5-ply Canadian maple skateboard decks to handcraft a unique set of eyewear. An assemblage of colorful layers of wood, the ‘Skate Collection’ offers a number of different styles:

‘Ontario’ is a wooden interpretation of the popular wayfarer style; the ‘Bud’ sunglasses take on a modern classic shaped frame; and ‘Smoke Jumper’ has an aviator style frame. Each pair is hand polished and coated with a water / sweat protective seal and comes with a custom wood case and microfibre pouch. A portion of each sale goes to non-profit charities in India that provide sight giving surgeries to people with cataracts.

Healthier Sleeping Environment with Anti-Dustmite Mattresses

Have you ever tossed and turned on your mattress all night because of something constantly bothering you? Have you ever woken up in the morning feeling all itchy and bothered? Do you tend to sneeze and feel dozy in the morning?  If any of these symptoms seems familiar to you, it is likely that your mattress is hosting some unwelcome dust mites. Continue Reading →

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint by Biking to Work

The warm summer weather opens the doors to numerous things. Tank tops, barbeques and best of all, outdoor activities. For anyone frustrated with a mornings traffic density on the way to work, hopping on your bicycle can definitely set your morning on the right foot. Peak-hour city trips up to 10km are often faster by bike than any other form of transport, door to door.

In addition, riding to work or to the shops is one of the most time-efficient ways to incorporate regular exercise into everyday routine. You can get your daily exercise done without having to spend extra time or money at the gym. The simple act of riding your bike can burn between 750 – 1000 calories an hour, which helps both your health and fitness. Continue Reading →

Fuel Economy Tips

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