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Caterpillar Unveils First Hybrid Excavator

In its continued commitment to introduce products that bring the most value to customers, Caterpillar Inc. unveiled the first model in its new line of hybrid excavators. The Cat 336E H is the company’s first machine to use a novel hydraulic hybrid technology developed internally by Caterpillar. Field tests have demonstrated this machine will significantly lower customers’ owning and operating costs. Continue Reading →

Fight back against spiralling energy costs with solar PV

Homeowners in the UK have been hit by wave after wave of energy price increases over the last few years, putting a strain on already squeezed household budgets. During 2011, the Big Six energy suppliers – British Gas, EDF Energy, SSE, E.ON, Scottish Power and Npower – have continually come under fire for raising their rates, leading to more people switching to alternative energy sources like Evoenergy solar panels.

In July, British Gas announced that gas and electricity would cost 18 per cent and 16 per cent more respectively. This was followed in August by E.ON increasing electricity prices by 11.4 per cent and gas by 18.1 per cent, while in November EDF’s gas and electricity prices went up by 4.5 per cent and 15.4 per cent respectively.

A survey by independent energy firm SmartestEnergy recently predicted that wholesale energy prices will rise by at least 40 per cent over the next decade. Based on the responses of 71 leading industry figures, the study found that more than a third believed costs will hit between £70 and £79.99 per MWh by 2021, while just eight per cent thought prices would be the same or lower than today’s. Continue Reading →

Does Your Company Need Dedicated Ethernet?


In today’s business climate, it is no longer feasible to contemplate running a growing business without a secure and reliable internet connection. The question that remains, however, is which type of internet connection is right for your business. Whether you should choose a broadband connection, a T1 line, or having Ethernet dedicated internet access for your business is a decision that will require the careful consideration of several factors. Continue Reading →

Sour Economy? Green Jobs!

The Dow Jones plunged yet again this week, amidst European economic turmoil and doubts that the American political system can get its act together in getting the unemployed back to work. All the while, the green energy movement sits idly by and thousands, perhaps millions of hours of labor involved in that process goes uncompleted.

The Great Depression was solved by the massive stimulus that was World War Two. In a world where we’re fortunate enough to avoid major warfare, we need a similar call to action. Updating the country to meet the energy efficiency requirements of tomorrow can be that call to action.   Continue Reading →

MIT Students Install World’s Cheapest ‘Solar Bottle Bulbs’ in Manila Slums

Currently, millions of Filipinos live without any kind of light source at all. Isang Litrong Liwanag (A Liter of Light), is a sustainable lighting project which aims to bring the eco-friendly ‘Solar Bottle Bulb’ to disprivileged communities nationwide. Designed and developed by students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the ‘Solar Bottle Bulb’ is based on the principles of Appropriate Technologies — a concept that provides simple and easily replicable technologies that address basic needs in developing communities.

The students found that a one liter plastic bottle filled with bleach water and installed on top of a metal roof is a surprisingly simple way to light homes that have neither electrical connectivity nor natural lighting. The plastic defracts light and pushes it to every corner of a small slum house instead of beaming it onto one area like a typical lamp might. The organization has already installed 10,000 of these super basic but amazing lamps throughout Manila.
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‘BeeHive PV’ Solar Panels to Energize Building Facades

Israeli start-up SolarOr is a technological leader in the development and industrialization of innovative Building Integrated Photo Voltaic (BIPV) solar panels, delivering both high efficient modules as well as improved transparency and insulation values.

Their idea is a brilliant new transparent solar panel that is modeled after the complex forms found in honeycomb. Called ‘BeeHive PV’, the solar panels are designed to integrate into building facades to serve as energy-generating windows. Each sheet is covered with hundreds of tiny prisms that focus sunlight to maximize energy generation. Continue Reading →