‘ecochair’ by DesignGroup5

The ‘ecochair’ is very versatile as being able to transform from a bed to a chair to a chaise lounge. With the frame being made of reusable corrugated cardboard and the mattress 100% cotton, This ‘ecochair’ is very Earth friendly.

The framework: The frame is corrugated cardboard which is very strong and flexible. The way the cardboard is folded and glued will make for a long lasting durable framework.

The futon: With both the upholstery and filling of the mattress being 100% cotton, this makes for true green living.

Using the ‘ecochair’: It is great for adjusting from different sitting positions to laying out as a complete bed.

The person and the chair: Sitting in the chair or laying on the bed is very comfortable. The mattress soaks into the frame which flexes to the weight of a person lying on the bed. The chair works great for any activity and is firm enough for support.

The ‘ecochair’ is still in project form and is not yet for sale. As the ‘ecochair’ continues to evolve into our showroom, you can check out what online retailers already have there to offer. Check outĀ Fusion Living online shop to catch a glimpse at their current pieces.

Fusion Living has a large collection of contemporary and classic furniture. Many different accessories are offered along side to compliment the quality furniture. Many items they carry are unique and hard to find. With a large selection of chairs, tables, mirrors, and other accessories available, Fusion LivingĀ strives to bring you quality products that stand out.

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