Erasing and Recycling Buildings with ‘ERO’ Robot

The era of demolition may come to an end in the near future with the advent of ‘ERO’ by product designer Omer Haciomeroglu, a robot that disassembles concrete by a process that reverses the exact way it was cast.

Through a process known as hydro-demolition and with the use of a special centrifugal decanter, the robot attacks the small cracks in concrete with high pressure jets. Small pieces are vacuumed into the decanter where they are broken down even further until reduced to a re-usable aggregate and packaged for easy transport. Rebar is kept intact and undamaged, opening a new market for recycled rebar members.

With this system, buildings can be erased from existence in a clean and efficient manner, making it possible to directly re-use what was before left as demolition waste.

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