Here’s Why Your Company Needs a Waste Management Policy


From time immemorial, human beings have, for the most part, had special arrangements in place for disposal of waste. This means waste management is not a new practice being forced on households and businesses by the government today. It became imperative for government to step in with force as industrialisation and urbanisation led to serious waste generation issues. In case you are still wondering why, here are some reasons why your company needs a waste management policy.

Save money

A good waste management policy can save you money in different ways. You can save money on supplies you order for your business through proper inventory management, which is one of the best ways to reduce waste. You are also able to make savings on disposal costs, if you are able to reduce or better manage the waste generated by your business. There is also the threat of regulatory fines for ignoring your environmental responsibility, which we will come on to later in the article.

Protect the environment

Simply put, your waste management policy can help protect the environment.

One of the ways to do this is through reduction, even if it is just a little, in the amount of greenhouse gas that is emitted at landfills in form of methane, which is dangerous to health. Groundwater may also be contaminated when chemicals leach from landfills.

The problem is no less severe when an incinerator is used. Greenhouse gas and the carcinogenic toxin, dioxin, are among the harmful by-products from incinerators. So a waste management policy can contribute to limit these ill-effects.

Various companies, such as, exist with the sole purpose of advising busineses on how to minimise their waste production and how to safely dispose or recycle it. If in doubt, you might want to seek professional advice on the subject.

Reduce resource depletion

Improper waste management can greatly contribute to resource depletion. In a situation where businesses prefer to buy new materials instead of reusing or recycling the used ones, unnecessary pressure will be exerted on the limited natural resources available. Not only will resource depletion exacerbate existing environmental problems such as pollution and deforestation, you may also have to pay more for new products due to relative difficulty in getting more resources.

Regulatory penalties

Government is becoming stricter on businesses regarding waste management. Improper disposal of waste can make your business vulnerable to fines. And while there may be a perception that government is somewhat toothless in issuing fines and upholoding law, this is not the case. As an example, one landowner based in Cumbria was fined a whopping £450,000 in 2013 for damaging a conservation site, and another was fined in the same year for a similar offence. You can save yourself the unnecessary stress and avoidable costs associated with fines by having a good waste management policy in place.


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