Look At the Latest Green Office Design Trends For 2013


Being green and environmentally conscious doesn’t need to be difficult in the modern world in which we live. Gone are the days when the human race lived frivolously and care-free. With daily reminders in the news and ubiquitous reports on the global effects of greenhouse gases, we now live in a much more knowledgeable and environmentally aware era.

In spite of all that is mentioned above, there are still times when the environment isn’t being considered in some of the things our businesses do. For example, if you are due to upgrade your office network and computers, look for the latest innovations such as server virtualisation to reduce your energy consumption and improve your Green computing. If you are due to have an office re-fit, Commercial Interior Specialists can help think of some of the following trends that can be adopted to help reduce your organisation’s carbon footprint:

Remove water cooler cups – it’s simple and easy and both cost effective and environmentally friendly. There are still an astonishing amount of office places throughout the globe which still use plastic water cooler cups. More often than not, these cups are used once and trashed in non-recyclable general waste destined for landfill. By adding more recycling bins into your office and changing plastic cups for recyclable cups such as cardboard, you can easily be greener in your office next year.

Carbon neutral office refurbs – If you are looking at getting your office refurbished next year, look online for a provider of green solutions. A professional service can be obtained which calculates the total carbon footprint of your office refurbishment and quantifies this into a value which can be off-set through schemes such as planting trees.

Recycle your office supplies – Old toner cartridges, used and shredded office paper, even old furniture can all be recycled from your office place. Of course, toner cartridges and paper are the easiest to recycle, but think about your old PCs, old keyboards, mice, desks, chairs and separation boards. All of these can readily be utilised in other areas of the country or abroad through charities such as IT for Africa and only enhance your reputation as a green, forward thinking business.

ID Card Systems – Since April 2009, a Japanese company has manufactured reusable financial smart cards made from paper.

Employ green office cleaning – A new trend is by ensuring that your office cleaning is green too. This covers everything from the cleaning products which are used to clean your office (i.e. reduce aerosols and use soap and water) to the cleaning materials which are used (don’t use kitchen towels, use re-usable cloths and mops.) A green cleaning service all helps to ensure your business is environmentally friendly in all of its processes.

There are countless other trends to improve your new green way of thinking. For more information look online for green computing, green cleaning, green office trends, and commercial interior specialists.

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