‘Opot’ wall planter by Clara del Portillo

Based in Valencia, Spain, designer Clara del Portillo is well versed in graphic, industrial, and interior design, and her diverse portfolio reflects that. Her simple ‘Opot’ wall planter design is quite an eyecatcher. The design holds a plant on an indoor or outdoor wall, giving new and easy ways to decorate that bare space or fence you have in the backyard.

“Opot is extremely easy to use. made in Tyvek® in a simple geometry with two symmetrically placed eyelets. When you hang the Tyvek® film of the side eyelets create a durable and effective pots hanger to use indoor and outdoor, thanks to the wonderful features offered by this material. Opot is a new way to decorate our walls with vegetation, in an attractive, simple and unique way.”

Get the pot here!

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