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The ‘Metromorph’ Concept Car Parks Itself As Your Apartment Balcony

The ‘Metromorph’ concept car from designer Roman Mistiuk solves several sustainable transportation problems all at once in a really creative way. The ‘Metromorph’ concept is designed to face the ever growing issues of metropolitan cities. When the user is home the vehicle becomes a balcony thus addressing parking restraints and real estate value. Continue Reading →

Toyota’s ‘RAV4 EV’ Coming to Market in 2012

The electric ‘RAV4’, the first result of Toyota’s electric-car collaboration with Tesla, will be sold directly to consumers next year, Toyota says in trying to stamp out reports to the contrary.

“Recent reports have incorrectly stated that the ‘2012 RAV4 EV’ will only be marketed to fleet and car-sharing programs. We’d like to set the record straight. The ‘2012 RAV4 EV’ will definitely be sold to the general public,” the automaker said in a statement. Continue Reading →

Futuristic Chainless ‘INgSOC’ Hybrid Bike

This electric bicycle concept called ‘INgSOC’, designed by Edward Kim and Benny Cemoli, combines the aerodynamic shapes of triathlon designs, flexible handling of traditional bikes, and advanced hybrid power technology into one super-efficient commuting machine.

The wild-looking chainless bike runs in three modes: battery-powered, battery assist, and battery charge mode, where the user powers up the battery by pedaling. Continue Reading →