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Deuce Electric Concept Car Rendered in a Surfer’s Way

When people say Deuce, they’re usually referring to Detroit or the number 2, so we were a little surprised to see that term pop up on a concept car for San Francisco surfers. Nevertheless, we like this sharp EV, which is designed with gullwing doors and a hatchback for the ultimate mix of style and utility.

The Deuce features unique cargo options such as front trunk space under the hood a la Porsche, a surfboard rack up top, and space inside the rear hatch for stowing your adventure gear. We have to assume the battery pack is stored in the floor like in the Tesla Model S, since there isn’t much room left anywhere else for it. Continue Reading →

Toyota’s ‘RAV4 EV’ Coming to Market in 2012

The electric ‘RAV4’, the first result of Toyota’s electric-car collaboration with Tesla, will be sold directly to consumers next year, Toyota says in trying to stamp out reports to the contrary.

“Recent reports have incorrectly stated that the ‘2012 RAV4 EV’ will only be marketed to fleet and car-sharing programs. We’d like to set the record straight. The ‘2012 RAV4 EV’ will definitely be sold to the general public,” the automaker said in a statement. Continue Reading →

Nissan to Launch All-Electric LEAF as Upgraded 2012 Model

Nissan is expanding availability of the all-electric Nissan LEAF to U.S. consumers for the 2012 model year, with upgrades based on feedback from the thousands of owners who already have driven several millions of miles in the first 100-percent electric car for the mass market.

The Nissan LEAF, enriched with additional standard equipment including quick charging and cold-weather features for the 2012 model year, now will be available for order in the Southeastern United States and Illinois.

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Nissan NV200 to Be Safest NYC Taxi Ever

In May 2011, after considering a large number of proposals, New York City’s Taxi and Limousine Commission recently announced that it has selected Nissan‘s NV200 as the Ford Crown Victoria‘s heir apparent as the yellow cab for New York City. This will give Nissan an exclusive 10-year contract to supply New York City taxi operators with vehicles.

At long last, Ford has managed to get its Transit Connect car-truck approved for use as a New York City taxi. But the party won’t last for long.

The Transit Connect, Ford Taurus, Nissan Altima and Chevrolet Impala have all been added to the list by the city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission for use by taxi operators. But they can only be bought until Nissan starts producing its NV200 van “Taxi of Tomorrow” in October, 2013. Continue Reading →

car2go to Be First All-Electric Carsharing Fleet in North America

car2go, a subsidiary of Daimler, has just announced the launch of North America’s first all-electric car sharing program, which will have 300 Smart ForTwo electric vehicles by the end of this year. San Diego is launching North America’s first large-scale all-electric car sharing fleet with itty-bitty EVs people can grab quickly, easily and spontaneously.

Subscribers will simply grab a car from designated spots around the city. In addition to being the greenest car sharing program in the U.S., the San Diego program will allow drivers to be spontaneous. Unlike ZipCar, which requires drivers to return a vehicle to the pickup location, the Car2Go program will allow them to quickly grab ForTwos from designated spots around San Diego, in the hopes of making car sharing more practical. Continue Reading →

‘Aluminum-Celmet’ to Increase Electric Vehicle Range by 300%

Sumitomo Electric Industries (SEI) is the Japanese company behind an innovation that could potentially lead to a serious rise in the capabilities of electric vehicles. SEI is a manufacturer of electric wire and optical fiber cable that recently developed a porous aluminum called ‘Aluminum-Celmet’.

The company says the lightweight metal can be integrated into lithium-ion batteries and claims that ‘Aluminum-Celmet’s three-dimensional structure forms interconnected, spherical pores that somehow nearly triple battery capacity. SEI has set up a small-scale production line at Osaka Works to accelerate development efforts toward mass production of the new material.

‘Aluminum-Celmet’s electrical resistance is supposedly lower that of Celmet, a proprietary metal derived from nickel and currently used in SEI’s NiMH batteries. By replacing the conventional aluminum-copper foils within a li-ion battery with its patented Aluminum-Celmet, the company says battery capacity can jump by up to 300%. Continue Reading →