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‘ecochair’ by DesignGroup5

The ‘ecochair’ is very versatile as being able to transform from a bed to a chair to a chaise lounge. With the frame being made of reusable corrugated cardboard and the mattress 100% cotton, This ‘ecochair’ is very Earth friendly.

The framework: The frame is corrugated cardboard which is very strong and flexible. The way the cardboard is folded and glued will make for a long lasting durable framework.

The futon: With both the upholstery and filling of the mattress being 100% cotton, this makes for true green living.

Using the ‘ecochair’: It is great for adjusting from different sitting positions to laying out as a complete bed. Continue Reading →

Philips Introduces Flexible, High Performance Outdoor LED Luminaires for Green Conscious Cities and Municipalities

UrbanScape and MetroScape are the latest additions to the broad line-up of Philips outdoor LED luminaires that offer cities and municipalities sustainable, energy-efficient solutions with all the benefits of Philips LUXEON high-power light emitting diodes (LEDs). Through innovative design and the latest in Philips LED technologies, UrbanScape and MetroScape offer flexible solutions that can reduce energy consumption by 40-60 percent over High Intensity Discharge (HID) alternatives and provide a rated life of 100,000 hours, while delivering superior light quality. Continue Reading →

Midtown Manhattan Ranks 2nd in U.S. Green Real Estate Markets Survey

Why does one market tend to have more LEED Certified buildings than another? What is the impact of vacancy rates, utility incentives, or public policies on the feasibility and economics of “going green?” In the 2011 study, Cushman & Wakefield and NEEA’s BetterBricks initiative have published the 2011 Green Building Opportunity Index – a comprehensive ranking of the top 30 U.S. markets for green buildings. The annual Green Building Opportunity Index remains the first office market assessment tool to provide weighted comparisons of top U.S. markets on the basis of both real estate fundamentals and green development considerations. Continue Reading →