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Peaceful Greenpeace climate protesters released after 20 days of imprisonment without trial

Danish police today released from custody four Greenpeace climate protesters who have endured 20 days of pre-trial detention in Copenhagen prison following a harmless peaceful protest staged on the evening of 17 December. Their release comes a day in advance of their detention being reviewed by a Danish judge. The four activists still face trial in the Danish courts, and possible prison sentences. Continue Reading →

Final voyage of the Japanese whaling fleet?

Japanese whaling fleet

Following a week of potentially crippling budgetary reviews and a high-profile visit from US President Barack Obama to Japan, shortly after 10am today the so-called ‘scientific’ whaling fleet crept out of port, as Greenpeace called for today’s departure to be the programme’s last.
Earlier, the environmental group unveiled a ‘Yes We Can’ banner in front of the factory ship Nisshin Maru, calling on new Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama and the visiting US President Barack Obama to work together to end whaling. Continue Reading →

Indonesia suspends climate polluter’s licence to destroy rainforest

Indonesia suspends climate polluter's licence to destroy rainforest

Greenpeace welcomed today’s decision by Indonesia’s Forest Minister, Mr. Zulkifli Hasan, to temporarily stop paper giant Asia Pacific Resources International Holding Limited (APRIL) from destroying the carbon-rich forest peatlands of Indonesia’s Kampar Peninsula, Sumatra, pending a review of the company’s permits.

The move follows a Greenpeace protest on 12 November to prevent the company destroying the forest and peatland in the area, in order to grow acacia plantations for the pulp and paper it supplies to the global market. Containing 2 billion tonnes of carbon, the endangered Kampar Peninsula is one of the planet’s largest natural carbon stores. (1) It is under threat of destruction by APRIL and Asia Pulp & Paper (APP). (2) Continue Reading →

French Nuclear Madness won’t save the climate

Today six activists from the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise boarded the cargo ship Happy Ranger in the Fehmarn Belt between Denmark and Germany. The activists are carrying banners reading “Nuclear Madness, made in France”. The ship is carrying steam turbines supplied by the French nuclear company AREVA to the Olkiluoto 3 nuclear reactor currently under construction in Finland.

Today’s action was taken to highlight the fact that nuclear energy not only exposes the public to radiation hazards, but undermines effective climate protection. Greenpeace is calling on the Finnish government to stop the work at Olkiluoto 3.

“Construction of the EPR reactor in Olkiluoto has been a disaster. This dangerous mistake has cost Finland years of action on climate protection. By choosing nuclear power the Finnish government shut the door on investments in renewable energy and energy saving projects.” said Lauri Myllyvirta , Energy Campaigner with Greenpeace Nordic. Continue Reading →

Greenpeace Maps Out New Vision for Mediterranean Protection

Mediterranean SeaGreenpeace today outlined its vision to protect the entire Mediterranean ecosystem and safeguard the future for key species such as bluefin tuna.

The launch of the Greenpeace ‘Mediterranean Marine Governance’ proposal coincides with the opening of the Barcelona Convention (BARCON) meeting in Marrakech, Morocco, and calls for BARCON members to become central to a modernised system, enforcing commitments to create a network of marine reserves across the Mediterranean Sea. Greenpeace is also calling on members to request their counterparts attending the International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic Tuna (ICCAT) to end bluefin tuna fishing and protect spawning grounds as a first step towards modernising marine governance of the Mediterranean. Continue Reading →

Climate chaos draws closer as G8 leaders fail to act

G8 Summit“Leaders act and politicians talk. By failing to take the necessary and urgent decisive action on climate change today the leaders of the world’s most wealthy nations failed all of us, failed themselves and have risked placing the world on a pathway to runaway climate change with devastating social and environmental costs.”

“By failing to commit to the crucial mid-term targets and the US$106 billion which needs to be provided annually to help developing countries tackle climate change and fund forest protection, they have failed to agree on the most important building blocks to gain an historical agreement at the Copenhagen UN Climate Summit, which is just 150 days away.” Continue Reading →