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Poll Finds Japan Consumers Demand Sustainable Seafood

A Greenpeace Japan commissioned poll has found that most Japanese people want seafood to both be sustainably sourced and for fish species to be clearly labeled, to help them make informed choices that would protect oceans.

The poll demonstrates huge potential in Japan for ocean-friendly products, and the need for supermarkets and restaurants to create procurement policies that will allow both the seafood industry and the world’s oceans to survive.

“This shift in consumer attitude clearly shows that the Japanese market is following trends we have already seen in Europe and the U.S.: consumers want sustainable seafood that will not destroy fish supplies and will leave living oceans for future generations,” said Wakao Hanaoka, Greenpeace Japan oceans campaigner. “By working with Japan’s retailers and restaurants, we will bring the Japanese public the responsible seafood they want. These results show us that Japan’s consumers demand action by decision makers on all aspects of fish procurement, from ships to shelves, to ensure we all have fish and healthy oceans for the future.” Continue Reading →

Greenpeace Calls for End to Cover-ups, Lies, and Southern Ocean Whaling

WhalingGreenpeace today met the returning Japanese whaling fleet factory ship, the Nisshin Maru, with placards reading “Southern Ocean Whaling: Cover-ups, lies, 1.2 billion yen in taxes”. The environmental organisation also sought to document the offloading of the ships cargo of whale meat, the by-product of the so-called scientific hunt in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, which is chopped and boxed on board the factory ship ready for market.

Last year, boxes of embezzled whale meat, some falsely labelled “cardboard”, were offloaded and couriered to the homes of the ship”s crew. Whistleblowers told Greenpeace that this was standard practice, but the Fisheries Agency of Japan (FAJ), the Institute of Cetacean Research (ICR) and Kyodo Senpaku (KS) publically denied it. It was only later that the three managed to get their stories straight and claimed that the boxes of prime whale meat were approved as “souvenirs”. Continue Reading →

Japan’s Whaling Industry Continues Spending Spree


Despite the worst recession in a generation, Japanese government officials arrive in Rome this week to defend a multi-billion yen whaling programme that is reviled by the international community and unwanted by taxpayers at home.

Japan has been so severely stricken by the financial crisis that last week it was reported that the government was even cutting the cost of making silver sake cups presented to people on their 100th birthday. In February, the government announced a drop in exports of 45% on the same period last year, while key industries are cutting both costs and jobs and Gross Domestic Product (GDP) dropped 3.3% in the last quarter of 2008 – twice the decline of US GDP. Yet, the Government of Japan is stubbornly refusing to consider cancelling the Southern Ocean whaling programme, which costs the taxpayer billions of yen. Continue Reading →