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A Guide to Choosing the Right Lighting for Your Home


An important part of interior design is the lighting. When your interior design has good lighting, it improves the atmosphere of the home. In addition, good lighting allows you to see better to perform your tasks such as reading, writing and cooking. The lighting will promote a feeling of security and well-being each day, and each room’s size will determine which lighting it will need. A quick guide to some lighting choices will help you choose the right lighting for your home. Continue Reading →

Crochet Lamps: Fashion Recycled

There is no shortage of designers who creatively recycle and repurpose an endless supply of fashion materials that would otherwise be discarded. However, these materials may or may not find new life in the fashion industry.

Glück, Sonne and Hanna are pendants created by British designer Naomi Paul. These handmade designs are constructed utilizing traditional crochet techniques, mercerized cotton yarns and silk sourced from fashion industry surplus. Prior to recycling efforts, pre-consumer yarn waste was discarded. Today, it is used to create stunning lighting solutions. These pendants are available in limited edition color ways that change with the season. Continue Reading →

‘Drawstring Lamp’ by Design Stories

Gothenburg, Sweden-based design studio, Design Stories, set out to create a collection made of industrial waste material produced by local companies. Working in collaboration with a group of producers and artisans called Returhuset, Merry-Go-Round was born. The pieces are made from materials that would normally be thrown away as trash and the results are a charming collection of lamps and tables with an interesting story to tell. Continue Reading →

‘Beute’ Lamps by Michael Wolke

German designer Michael Wolke has created the Beute pendant lamps from discarded cardboard.

“Trough the variety of corrugated cardboard which can only be reached by using discarded Material, the lamp “Beute” becomes a selection of unique light objects. By dissecting and rearranging of the Material, the designer compresses the conquered corrugated cardboard and uses it as raw material with specific characteristics.”