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New Generation of Wind Turbines Announced

The Magenn Air Rotor System (MARS)

Magenn Power Inc. plans to start manufacturing its Magenn Air Rotor System (MARS) in 2009/10 with a 10 kW to 25 kW MARS unit being the first one shipping. (No plans for a 4 kW MARS system at this time)

The price for the 10 – 25 kW MARS unit is yet to be determined but it is Magenn’s design goal to deliver product at a cost between the $5 USD to $10 USD dollar per watt range. Continue Reading →

Rem Koolhaas Of OMA Unveiled Masterplan Zeekracht

Masterplan Zeekracht by OMA

On January 13th, Rem Koolhaas presented his plan to create a ring of windmills, which will ultimately provide as much energy as the oil in the Persian Gulf now.

His masterplan Zeekracht consists of a ring of cables between several windmill parks that will create a network between seven ‘North Sea countries’.
The architects thinks Europe can be ‘reasonable independent’ from oil and gas energy in 2050, thanks to wind and solar energy.

Read the whole translated press release: www.zeekracht.nl.

For more impressions of this project click here.

Huge Wind Power Project Planned in Kenia

Wind Energy

Lake Turkana Wind Power consortium (LTWP) has announced plans to supply 300 megawatts of green power to Kenya’s mains electricity grid by taking advantage of a unique wind resource in Northwest Kenya near Lake Turkana. Using the latest wind turbine technology LTWP can provide reliable and continuous clean power to satisfy up to 30% of Kenya’s current total installed power.

LTWP will construct a “wind farm” consisting of 353 wind turbines, each with a capacity of 850 KW. The total foreseen power generated by the initial phase of this wind farm is expected to start production in July 2010 and reach full production of 300 MW by June 2011, adding 30% or more to the total existing installed capacity available in Kenya. Wind turbine technology has seen recent rapid improvement with the development of turbines such as the Vestas V52 that is the design standard selected by LTWP.