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In order to save species and curb air pollution, there are many things that everyone can do in their everyday lives. For example, people could take the bus or bike to get from one place to another so they don't have to use their car as much. Or they can avoid using disposable cups by simply bringing a reusable water bottle with them wherever they go. There's also something called "clean meat" which is made without killing any animals at all!

Sustainability, veganism, and zero waste - these terms have been so present in the media for years. What could be lightly dismissed as a trend is much more than just a fad, it requires us to take responsibility for the earths future generations.

We at Ecoficial understand "sustainable living" to mean choosing a green lifestyle for the long term and being conscientious about the environment, animals and people. Therefore, we offer you a variety of sustainable alternatives with which you can transform your everyday life step by step.