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The focus of natural cosmetics is not only on protecting health and the environment, but also on people. Many natural cosmetics manufacturers rely on partnership-based cooperation with agricultural organic cooperatives and small farmers. They are committed to regional cultivation projects and resource protection, they maintain long-term relationships and provide help for self-help in developing countries from which they source their raw materials.

The demands on skin care have grown: a modern natural cosmetic product is much more than just oil and beeswax - it is a complex mixture of substances that ensures feel-good skin, pleasant texture and care fun. In addition to sustainable, holistic concepts, compatibility and efficacy are of central importance for genuine natural cosmetics.High-quality begins in the base: the oil components of an emulsion are natural, organic plant oils and waxes that resemble the skin's own lipids, have excellent skin care effects thanks to their fatty acids and secondary plant substances, and actively support skin metabolism.

In the water phase, natural cosmetics manufacturers often add plant and flower waters, so-called hydrolates, or plant juices to enhance the skin care effect. Natural emulsifiers - whether plant-based, lanolin or beeswax - not only combine the oil and water phases, but also have skin care effects at the same time; they regulate, smooth, moisturize the skin or provide refatting.

🌿 Natural Cosmetics Brands

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  • Beauty by Earth
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  • Juice Beauty
  • OSEA
  • Purlisse
  • Timeless Skin Care
  • True Botanicals
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